Lacey Dahlstrom
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NMLS# 2065647

Lacey Dahlstrom

One of my first jobs out of college was with a local, organic bakery in Illinois where I worked my way into a management position.  While I was there, we focused on finding different ways to engage with our customers in a consistent, positive way.  With a lot of small individual interactions, we were able to build our little bakery into one of our small town’s core social centers.  Nothing we did was earth shattering, but the end result was a sense of community that is hard to forget.

Fast forward a few years, add a couple of additional roles in customer service and account management, and I am continuing to build on those fundamentals — engaging with new people every day and finding ways to improve my clients’ overall experience.  Working with both new homebuyers and seasoned homeowners alike, I focus on the little things that help create an experience that people will tell their friends and family about after the transaction is over.   Communication, consistency, attitude, and expertise can all make a difference.  I know how important these kinds of financial decisions can be — buying a home can be both an exciting and scary milestone — and I am here to make the process go smoothly.

When I’m not processing loans, you can find me hiking in the mountains or playing volleyball at Cheesman or Washington Park! I love the abundant sunshine we get in Colorado, so I’m always looking for any excuse to get outside. I also love to travel; nothing brings me more joy than immersing myself in a completely new culture, meeting new people, learning about different traditions, and of course, trying the local cuisine.

44 Cook Street

Suite 700

Denver, CO  80206


 Fair Housing - Equal Opportunity   Nationwide Multistate Licensing System   Colorado Division of Real Estate

NMLS # 1768342